How will AI/Machine Learning Impact Data Science?

Whatever one may believe, it is undeniably true that data is the one thing that drives contemporary technology. And another thing that is as important as data is Artificial Intelligence. AI provides a mechanism for harnessing and processing the data with great precision. This data in turn enables the big corporations and even governments to make smart decisions based on the mood of the people.
Data Science, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence together have enormous potential that can navigate each and every business especially the ones driven by data.

Before diving into the impact of AI/machine learning on data science, let us quickly understand what these terms stand for:

Artificial Intelligence:
About a century ago, intelligence was the virtue of the human brain. But now with the onset Artificial Intelligence machines have learned to imitate the functions of the human brain.

Machine Learning has impacted Data Science

Machine Learning:
This is a method of using algorithms and statistics that allow computers to learn on their own and keep evolving.

Data Science:
It is simply the science of data. A science that processes and extracts data in a way that yields numerous useful insights.

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in Data Science.

Let us first understand the relationship between Data Science and Machine Learning because this will ultimately help us in establishing its connection with Artificial Intelligence.
Data science is the plinth on which Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence stands. Data Science draws features from algorithms and statistics by working on the data gathered from a plethora of resources. This is the data that is ultimately fed into computers to run machine learning programs.

Another thing to note here is that for machine learning algorithms an abundance of data is required. Such data is essentially delivered by data science.

Both ML and AI have benefited from Data Science

For machines to make smarter and accurate predictions enormous amounts of data is required. This data is gathered and delivered using data science only. Data Science itself is of huge significance in the present day technology. But the combination of Data Science with Machine Learning has produced unprecedented levels of technological advancements.

Another relationship between these three concepts is that they are basically just leveraging data to solve concrete problems through analysis and harnessing of data.

To put this all in perspective, here are the three major ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has impacted Data Science:

Data Collection:
Both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have benefited from Data Science. Now, Artificial Intelligence has added another edge to the very efficiency of the process of Data Collection. It helps in identifying the right data sources without human intervention.

Learning Techniques:
Artificial Intelligence has helped data scientists with advanced predictive analytics and machine learning tools to boost this process and analyse data in a smarter and more efficient way.

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